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Long time experience

We have more than 30 years experience for producing parts and products as well as supply our partners products. please do not hesitate to contact us if you have inquiry about our products

Our Business

We are here to help you get high quality products by our ability for manufacturing electrical/electronic products as well as parts for Switches and etc. Parts assembly with Korean origin.Also we can supply different Korea products through our Trading department. Contact us today for long time business with good benefit for both side

Powerful R&D

We have powerful R&D department. As we always focus on bringing innovation and services to our client, all of our products are tested on field, in our research farm before to be in our range of product

Power Distribution products

We are producing and supplying high quality Power Distribution products for our customers all over the word
China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, USA, South America, Middle East Etc.
And hope to have more partners and customers, Please do not hesitate to send your inquiry for us.
Our products include (Click to Visit Products page):
ACR (Automatic Circuit Recloser) LBS (Load Break Switch) Fuse cutout switch MOF (Metering outfit) ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) Tubular Busway / Busduct ASS (Automatic Sectionalizing Switch) #RMU (Ring Main Units) Transformer (Up to 420kV) Surge arrester Disconnect Switch Power capacitors RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) ACB (Air Circuit breaker) VCB (Vacuum Circuit breaker) Smart Fault Indicator Switchgear

Please check our Power Distribution products

Test & Maintenance & Measuring Equipment

We are producing and supplying Test & Maintenance & Measuring Equipment for different projects all over the word and hope to have more partners and customers, Please do not hesitate to send your inquiry for us.
Our products include (and can be more) :
PD Measurement Generator Monitoring System IR Camera Smart Fault Indicator MOF Tester Switchgear
#Transformer doctor Hotline on-line monitoring

Please check our Test & Maintenance & Measuring Equipment

You will Satisfy with our high quality products and on-time producing, Please check some of our Partners

Potable Device for On-line Insulation

Similar to #UltraTEV Plus² we will helping you make Partial Discharge measurements easy with our device in cooperate with Korean research company.
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You don’t need to be a PD expert anymore

Capture results and transfer them easily

Signal System Products

We are producing and supplying Signal System Products for different projects all over the word.
Our products include (and can be more) :
#Signal Isolator #Signal Converter #Indicator #Totalizer #Counter #Signal Arrester #Power Arrester #Power Line Surge Protector #Telecommunication Arrester

Please check our Signal System Products

Busduct & cable & Solutions

We are producing and supplying cable busducts and solution for different projects all over the word.
Our products include :
#Busduct #busway
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High Quality MCCB & MCB

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About Us

For over 30 years, we, have been dedicated to making better products through diverse fields of products manufacturing.We has made every effort to produce high reliable systems for our customer satisfaction.As we have obtained ISO certificate, CE authentication and Type Tests , we have become to give our customers proving to get best quality as well as competitive price.The quickest after sale service is our company’s most important motto.We are ready to listen customer’s requirement in their point of view. We will do our best to develop products and systems which are easier to use, and more efficient for all the fields.

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