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Busbar & Busduct New Developed Solution

Busduct & Busbar New Developed Solution

High Voltage and High Current Insulation Tubular Bus-bar System
Most effective for transferring large amounts of energy associated with complex shielding busbar.

Busduct problems:

1. No visual inspection
2. Environment impact vulnerable to excessive outer section(Wind pressure / corrosin etc)
3. Increase in relative height with top entry

We solve above problems and add more benefits:

New Developed Solution

1. Easy maintenance by visual inspection
2. Minimal environmental impact due to minimization of outer section
3. Top or bottom entrance available


IP 67

Transferring large amount of energy. (voltage & current)
Main insulation material is have  excellent temperature characteristics and chemical stability

 no need for additional cooling devices

Self ventilation system

Copper Type : Max. 35kV(Nominal Voltage) / 9000A
Aluminum Type : Max. 35kV(Nominal Voltage) / 5000A

Application & Installation
-The various applications to the installation conditions.
(trifoil formation / narrow spaces / s-bending)
Available to top & bottom entry in cubicle
Safeguard (cover) for the protection of New Developed Solution. (option)

Assure complete isolation.
In the event of unexpected accident, the impact can be less compared to conventional system due to strict phase separation.
Safe from the contact of human or metal objects.

 Easy Maintenance
Maintenance can be executed through visual inspection without power cut
Simple and easy maintenance because of the relatively not many connection points.
Annual inspection contract is possible throughthe thermal imaging equipment.(option)

Tests Are available

Factory Test

Insulation-resistance test
Power frequency withstand voltage test
Partial discharge test
Temperature rise test

Site Test
Insulation resistance test
Dielectric strength test
Leakage current test

VIP Best Solution

Cable Solution Problems
- Partial heat by multi-pulling
- Phase unbalance
- Voltage drop by long span

Busduct Solution problems

- Heat by eddy current.
- Loss of skin effect.
- Short -circuit fault by dew, water, dust.
- Overheating by bolt connection loose.
- Mold-case corrosion.
- Periodic inspection under power cut for maintenance.

Our VIP best Solution

- 9000A per one phase.
- Corrosion proof and chemical stability due to solid insulation available.
- Phase unbalance removed by tubular conductor.
- Easy maintenance without power cut by visual inspection.








Compare With Regular Solutions

NEW Developed In compare with NSPB for distribution panel

NEW Developed NSPB 
Excellent Stability, due to the relatively less connection points
No Rise of temperature by using round clamp.
Rise of Temperature can be occurred due to many connection points & connecting between rectangular bus-bars.
* In case of ‘22.9kV 4000A 30m / Phase’,

(1) Indoor : 20m long Connection

Point –  3 points
(2) outdoor : 10m long Connection

Point – 2 points

* In case of ’22.9kV 4000A 30m / Phase’,

(1) indoor : 20m long Connection
Point – 13 points

(2) outdoor: 10m long Connection
Point – 6 points

 No or less over heat and eddy current with using one line per phase. Using many rectangular bus-bars, for transferring large amount of current,

-> over heat with partial current integration can be occurred after long time operating.

* 22.9kV 4000A Capacity

Copper Conductor

120ф * 6mm * 1 Core / Phase

Dimensions : A-350, B-320, C-1300

* 22.9kV 4000A Capacity

Copper Conduct

12T*100, 3Sheet / Phase

Dimensions : A-325, B-700, C-1300

No needs of Additional enclosure for safety Additional enclosure for safety is needed essentially.
- Only Simple and easy visual check OK - check and maintenance points load is heavy.
Reduce length of vertical section by adapting bottom entry method.
- be influenced less with outdoor conditions( wind/heavy snow/etc.)
- Smaller diameter(150mm) and individual installation can
reduce influence of outdoor conditions.
Relatively long vertical section and heavy enclosure by adapting top entry
may increase influence of outdoor conditions.
- Large impact on the building.
Tubular type can be bended without elbow and offset parts
and so the accident due to partial over heat is not occurred.
Possibility, partial over heat due to Concentration of electric field
is high in elbow and offset parts which is bended by a right angle

You can See benefits of NEW Developed


Steam supply and Power generation (150MW)

. Capacity : 16.5kV 7000A (Generation capacity 150MW*2Sets)
. Application : Generator ↔ GCB ↔ Step-Up Tr
. Specification : Copper Type 150Φ*17mm
. Installation : 2013.05
. Length : 270m

New Developed Busduct

Old Busduct

Power Plant
. Capacity : 154kV / 22.9KV 3000A, 6.6KV 5000A. 3000A
. Application : Transformer Secondary ↔ Main Incoming PNL
. Specification : Copper Type 80Φ*8mm / 100Φ*12mm
. Installation : 2009
. Length : 280m


. Capacity : 6.6KV 3150A
. Application : Transformer ↔ Main Incoming PNL
. Specification : Aluminum Type 100Φ*6mm
. Installation : 2011
. Length : 135m

Cement Factory:

. Capacity : 6.6kV 4000A (Generation capacity 30MW)
. Application : Generator Secondary ↔ KEPCO PNL
. Specification : Aluminum Type 100Φ*15mm
. Installation : 2012
. Length : 1300m