66kV Disconnect switch

66KV Automatic Fault Isolation Disconnect Switch AFIDS

66KV AFIDS ( Automatic Fault Isolation Disconnect Switch) is usefule to minimise
Power outage area by Fault detection and Automatic fault sectionalising function.
The AFIDS have been specially designed for these auto sectionalsing switching
duties :
♦ Localy, Remotely Close/Open Capability
♦ Earth Fault, Phase Fault Detection Capability
♦ Transformer Magnetizing Current Switching
♦ Cable Charging Current Switching
♦ Automatic Sectionalising Function with CB Coordination
[ Optional Function ]
❖ SCADA operation function with RTU Integrating as DNP3.0, IEC101,104 protocol )
❖ SMART GRID Operation function with RTU
❖ Mobile Phone monitoring and operation function with GSM modem