Three Phase & Single Phase AC Motors

We Design and produce different type of AC motors , our SHY high-voltage high-efficiency motor is single-speed squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motor applying mode of continuous duty that has features including compact structure, small volume, good-looking appearance and high IP grade. It can drive various mechanical equipment, such as water pump, fan and compressor.
(Ideal for applications requiring Metric IEC high efficiency, reliability and low cost of ownership such as waste water treatment plants, cement and chemical plants, refineries and more.)


6Kv 50Hz

Frame Size 355 400 450 500 560
Power range kW 160~280 160~450 250~710 400~1120 630~1600
Poles 2.4.6



10kV 50Hz

Frame size 450 500 560
Power range kW 220~500 315~900 500~1400


Stator with outer-press-assembly structure

F-grade insulation and corona proof material,

Good and reliable insulation property and moisture proof, anti-impact capability.

A special banding techniques is used for winding end part fastening.

Low Vibration Level < 1.8 mm/s RMS

Thermal winding protection

Thermal bearing protection

Continuous Duty