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DTPA-3232 Specification
(Digital Thermopile 32×32 Array)
l non contact temperature measurement
l Remote temperature measurement
l 32×32 Thermopile Arrays
l High Accuracy
l Digital Interface: UART 3.3V TTL (5V tolerant)


*The DTPA-3232 can acquire a target temperature of 1024 pixels at the
same time by integrating 32×32 array sensors.
*Thermal image can be implemented using DTPA-3232.
*The DTPA-3232 can easily identify the location of the high heat
distribution in the measurement range.
*DTPA-3232 is a temperature sensor module that can accurately
measure the surface temperature of desired object within 1 second without
*DTPA-3232 has a built-in temperature calculation processor to output
accurate temperature values. (The Master Controller does not require a
temperature calculation algorithm.)
*DTPA-3232 outputs temperature with digital communication(UART). l

*Measurement temperature range: -10℃ ~ 200℃
*Operating temperature range: -20℃ ~ 70℃
* Resolution: 0.1℃
* FOV (width: 33℃, height: 33℃) Accuracy: ±2%
*Input voltage: 5V
*Communication interface: UART 3.3V TTL (5V tolerant)

Measure sensor temperature and target temperature at the same time.

*Thermal image overheat prevention system
*Industrial temperature measuring device
* For detecting overheating of switchboard and distribution board
* Environment requiring human's identification
*Home appliance
*Checking heat point in PCB